Black dollars account for nearly 1.4 Trillion dollars of economic spending power in the United States. Collectively we can transform our communities by Spending With Intent. When we Spend With Intent we are purposeful in directing our dollars to support Black Owned Businesses. When when spend money with a Black Owned Business, it is more likely to get recycled back into our community. When dollars recycle within the community you see change. Communities experience beautification, living conditions improve, residents experience increased salaries, you foster better educational opportunities and more. We can be our own catalyst for change.

How The Challenge Works...


  • Calculate Your Challenge Goal Amount Your Challenge Goal Amount is 10% of your buying power (after tax income).

Example: Your monthly income = $3000 | 10% of $3,000 = $300 | Your challenge goal amount is to direct $300 per month of your spending with Black. (Please note, you do not have to spend an additional $300 each month. Just redirect $300 of what you typically spend each month.)

  • Spend With Intent Seek out Black Owned Business to support that meet your wants and needs. Consider all areas of your life (i.e. Medical, Financial, Retail, Entertainment, Health and Beauty as well as Child Care).
  • Capture Your Visit – Snap a pic of the location or the owner of the business you’re supporting.
  • Share The Love – Post your pic to Social Media, tag the business and The Wealth Culture. Make sure to use hashtags #1MillionJobsChallenge & #SpendWithIntent when you post.
  • Spread The Word – Encourage friends, families and others to participate in the challenge. Let them know with a little help from them that if #SpendWithIntent we can create #1millionjobschallenge.
  • Rinse and Repeat – Continue supporting Black Owned Business with AT LEAST 10% of your buying power year around.

The 1 Million Jobs Challenge

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